Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 48 (2008)

Obituary - Arne A. Ambros (S. Procházka), S. 7-9


A.-F. Abu-Ssaydeh
Collocation and the Arabic - English Dictionary: Ideas for Better Dictionaries, S. 10-34
J. Rosenhouse
A New Approach to the Description of Contemporary Arabic Dialects (Mainly in Israel), S. 35-57
A. Sadan
The Technical Terms Xiffa and Thiqal in the Usage of the Arabic Grammarians, S. 58-74
A.D. Rubin
Interrogatives in Mehri: Their Use and Etymologies, S. 75-90


W. Diem, M. Schöller
The Living and the Dead in Islam. Studies in Arabic Epitaphs. (L.E. Edzard), S. 91-93
J. Aguadé, L. Benyahia
Dicionario árabe marroqui. Árabe marroquí-Español/Español-Árabe marroqui. (U. Maas), S. 93-95
S. Yoda
The Arabic dialect of the Jews of Tripoli (Libya): Grammar, text and glossary. (J.C.E. Watson), S. 95-96
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