Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 40 (2001)


R. Khafaji
Punctuation marks in original Arabic texts, S. 7-24
M. H. Wardat
Shopping Center Names in Saudi Arabia, S. 25-31
A. Borg & G. M. Kressel
Bedouin Personal Names in the Negev and Sinai , S. 32-70
S. Talay
Der arabische Dialekt von Hasköy I , S. 71-89


S. Talay
Der arabische Dialekt der Khawêtna. I: Grammatik (St. Pocházka), S. 90-91
J. Owens
Arabic as a Minority Language (A.S. Kaye), S. 92-93
W.-C. Ouyang
Literary Criticism in Medieval Arabic-Islamic Culture. The Making of a Tradition (Th. Bauer), S. 94
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