Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 39 (2001)


A. A. Ambros
Die Funktionen von (min) dûn im Koran, S. 7-19
S.-O. Dahlgren
Word Order and Topicality in the Qur'ân, S. 20-35
T. Kondo
On the interpretation of mâ Perfect / lam Jussive-hattâ Perfect Construction , S. 36-53
N. und J. Dagher
Parémie libanaise: Traits et structure , S. 54-63
J. Rosenhouse
A Comparative Analysis of Stories Narrated by Bedouin and Sedentary Male and Female Speakers, S. 64-83
J. Mansour
The Particles 'ash' / 'esh' and 'áshu' in the Jewish Arabic of Baghdad, S. 84-89
M. H. Salih
A pragmatic analysis of certain interactional units in Jordanian Arabic, S. 90
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