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Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 38 (2000)


H. Grotzfeld
Rabî' al-'awwal and Nahr el-kibîr, S. 7-14
G. Schoeler
Wer ist der Verfasser des Kitâb al-cAin?, S. 15-45
J. Ferrer i Serra
On the syntax of 'an in Pre-Classical Arabic - hypotax and deixis , S. 46-67
G. Rosenbaum
"Fushâmiyya": Alternating Style in Egyptian Prose , S. 68-87


M. Schub
Qur'ân 9. 40: Hâkim al-balad ma'a l-walad fî ghâr al-jabbar, S. 88-90
A. Ambros
An announcement of a projected Concise Dictionary of Koranic Arabic, S. 91-93


W. Heinrichs und G. Schoeler (Hg.)
Festschrift Ewald Wagner zum 65. Geburtstag (Th. Bauer, H. Bobzin), S. 94-97
J. Niehoff-Panagiotidis
Koine und Diglossie (A. Zaborski), S. 97-100
B. Hatim
Communication across Cultures. Translation Theory and Contrastive Text Linguistics (St. Weninger), S. 100-101
G. Bohas und B. Paoli
Aspects formels de la poésie arabe (R. G. Khoury), S. 102-103
E. Lipinski
Semitic Languages: Outline of a Comparative Grammar
R. Hetzron (ed.)
Semitic Languages (W. Arnold), S. 103-105
A. Levin
Arabic Linguistic Thought and Dialectology (H. Bobzin), S. 105
H. Abdul-Raof
Subject, Theme and Agent in Modern Standard Arabic (M. Langer), S. 106-108


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