Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 37 (1999)

In memoriam HANS-RUDOLF SINGER 1926-1999 (W. Fischer), S. 7-8


R. Baalbaki
A Note on a Controversial Passage in Sîbawayhi's Kitâb, S. 9-12
G. Borg
Ammâ bacdu: The meaning of "lâ tabcad", S. 13-24
J. Tropper
Kasusverhältnisse in arabischen Ausnahmesätzen: Absolutivkasus nach 'illâ , S. 25-31
M. Idriss
The Cell and the Umbrella: Gender in the Arabic Language , S. 32-53
B. Isaksson
The Non-Standard First Person Singular Pronoun in the Modern Arabic Dialects , S. 54-83


M. Cuvalay-Haak
The Verb in Literary and Colloquial Arabic (K. Eksell), S. 84-87
R. K. Belnap & N. Haeri (eds.)
Structuralist Studies in Arabic Linguistics (H. Bobzin), S. 87-88
N. Mazraani
Aspects of Language Variation in Arabic Political Speech-Making (K. Stock), S. 88-89
F. Corriente
A Dictionary of Andalusi Arabic (W. Arnold), S. 89-90
P. F. Kennedy
The Wine Song in Classical Arabic Poetry: Abû Nuwâs and the Literary Tradition (E. Wagner), S. 90-94
M. Ullmann
Das Motiv der Kreuzigung in der arabischen Poesie des Mittelalters (T. Bauer), S. 94-96


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