Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 24 (1992)


S. Powels
Zur Herkunft des Wortes Qât (Catha Edulis Forsk.), S. 7-20
E. Y. Odisho
Transliterating English in Arabic, S. 21-34
P. Behnstedt
Qeltu-Dialekte in Ost-Syrien, S. 35-59
J. E. Watson
Kaškaša with Reference to Modern Yemeni Dialects, S. 60-81
A. I. Al Sweel
Some Aspects of Najdi Arabic Phonology. Part II, S. 82-90


P. Wexler, A. Borg and S. Somekh (eds.)
Studia linguistica et Orientalia Memorieae Haim Blanc Dedicata (A. A. Ambros), S. 91
H. J. Feghali
Arabic Adeni Reader (E. Schulz), S. 95
C. Holes
Gulf Arabic (A. S. Kaye), S. 98
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