Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 18 (1987)


J.-P. Angoujard - K. El-Mejjad
Aspects Prosodiques du Parler de Marrakech, S. 7-32
A.-K. Guindy
On the Stress in the "madrasa" Word Structure in Cairene Colloquial Arabic, S. 33-58
T. Prochazka, Jr.
The Spoken Arabic of Abû Thôr in al-Hasa, S. 59-76
J. Retsö
Pronominal Suffixes with -n(n)- in Arabic Dialects and other Semitic Languages, S. 77-96


N. B. Schub
Two Notes, S. 95


K. Versteegh
Pidginization and Creolization. The Case of Arabic (S. Hopkins), S. 108
S. Reichmuth
Der arabische Dialekt Šukriyya im Ostsudan (J. Owens), S. 108
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