Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 12 (1984)

B. Ingham
In memoriam T.M. Johnstone, S. 7-8


J. Blau - S. Hopkins
On Early Judaeo-Arabic Orthography, S. 9-27
O. Jastrow - S. Kazzarah
Der falsche Imam. Aleppinische Texte II, S. 28-47
F. Talmoudi
Notes on the Syntax of the Arabic Dialect of Sûsa, S. 48-85


C. H. M. Versteegh
Current Bibliographhie on the History of Arabic Grammar, S. 86-89


D. Blohm - W. Reuschel - A. Samarraie
Lehrbuch des modernen Arabisch. Teil II/1+2 (L. Kropfitsch), S. 90
P. Sluglett (ed.)
Theses on Islam, the Middle East and North-West Africa 1880-1978 (H. Bobzin) , S. 96
J. J. Schmidt
Vocabulaire d'arabe moderne. Vol. I (H. Bobzin) , S. 96
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