The Arabic dialect of il-Xalīl (Hebron)

In summer 1994, during a six-week-stay in the West Bank, I traveled to il-Xalīl several times and recorded indigenous speakers. Then, some time later, I transcribed the texts and - based on this evidence - established a short survey on the grammar and a glossary. In December 1995 I went again to il-Xalil for three weeks, showed the manuscript to the speakers, who refined and corrected the transcription with me and also answered a few more questions on grammar and vocabulary. I submitted this thesis in 1996 to Prof. Dr. Otto Jastrow and was awarded the Master of Arts degree of the University of Heidelberg (Semitic Studies).

An abridged version was published in Mediterranean Language Review Vol. 10 (1998), p. 89-145.

The entire text (pdf) may be downloaded here for personal use. The copyright remains with the author. For any publication, also in parts, authorization is requested.

il-Xalīl.pdf (0,8 MB).

You can also listen to the texts I transcribed and translated in my thesis in the Semitic Language Archive SemArch.


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