Assaf Bar-Moshe


Assaf Bar-Moshe is a Ph.D. candidate of the Department for Structural Linguistics at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.Moshe_Bild


His research focuses on syntactic features of Judeo-Baghdadi-Arabic, a dialect of Arabic, which was widely spoken by the Jewish community in Baghdad and south Iraq for hundreds of years.


During his BA and MA Assaf concentrated on the research of Mandarin Chinese. His Master dissertation, under the title "Between Demonstratives and Third Person Pronouns in Mandarin Chinese", was also carried out in the Hebrew University. Assaf also published a book named "The road to Chinese", a text book for the teaching of the Chinese language in Hebrew. In parallel to his studies as a linguist, Assaf is an advisor for a technological company in the field of Natural Language Processing.


Assaf Bar-Moshe is spending the academic years 2014-2016 in Heidelberg University working with original Judeo-Baghdadi texts under the instruction of Prof. Dr. Werner Arnold.


"Heidelberg has a long tradition of Semitic dialectological research. I am honored to learn from the best scholars and in the homeland of this field of research".



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