Photos of the fieldwork 2015




View of Mifsas Bahri before we took up excavation Michela Gaudiello, co-director of the expedition (with two waiters of the hotel) Svenja Partheil and Tsehai Terefe recovering skeletons Temporary shelter Informant Bilal Kahsay in ʿAda Miǝnda Dream Liner in Mifsas Bahri Bread at church service Field-walking at Mifsas Bahri Vertical photography at Mifsas Bahri Ethiopian student trainees Clothing distribution at Mifsas  Bahri Levelling of the site at the end of the season DSCN01723 DSCN01724 Img 1738 Img 1764 Img 1809 Img 1810 Img 1980 Img 2014 Img 2083 Team
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