Dr. Amal Zu'bi

Dr. Amal Zu'bi was born in Nazareth, Israel. B.A. 1997, M.A. 2005, Ph.D. 2014 (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Graduate (Ph.D.) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Arabic Language and Literature. In her Ph.D. Studies (2012-2014) she was a President Fellowship stipendiant for an honors Ph.D. students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2014 she was the recipient of David Kimche Fellowship for an honors Ph.D. students by the Ministry of External Affairs in Jerusalem. and nowadays (2014-2016) she is a Minerva stipendiant for Postdoctoral Research at Heidelberg University in Germany.zubi


Expert-Linguist at the National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education (RAMA) in the Ministry of Education in Tel-Aviv since 2012. Translator and Editor at the National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education (RAMA) in the Ministry of Education in Tel-Aviv since 2012. Counselor and Lecturer at Achva Academic Campus in south Israel from 2011-2013. Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant at University of Haifa from 1997-2000. Translator and Editor at the Department of Didactic Technology in the Technion and BUG in Tel-Aviv from 1994-1997.


Amal wrote her Ph.D. thesis in the field of Arabic dialectology, under the supervision of Prof. Simon Hopkins in the department of Arabic Language and Literature at the the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, about “The Arabic Dialects of Nazareth and the surrounding villages: Phonology, Morphology and Texts” [in Hebrew; English summary on pp. a-ac]. The dialects of these regions are spoken by a large number of people who live in the North of Israel, i.e. in Galilee. The dissertation includes also an Appendix: Texts collected by the author from the region that has been investigated.


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research, and an internationally recognized scientific center. The University’s faculties and alumni are leading world scholars and recipients of many national and international awards, including 8 Nobel Prizes. Among the Universities founders are notable intellectuals, scientists and philosophers, including Albert Einstein and Martin Buber.


I have chosen to carry out my research in Heidelberg University because it is a research university with a strong international orientation. It is important to stress that it is effective and intriguing to work with a renowned Researcher as Professor Werner Arnold. His research and academic experience will help me promote my research.

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