Vorstellung der Mediterranean Language Review

The MEDITERRANEAN LANGUAGE REVIEW is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed forum for the investigation of language and culture in the Mediterranean. The editors of this periodical welcome articles, reviews, review articles, and bibliographical surveys in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish relating to the following aspects of Mediterranean languages, past and present:

  • linguistic contact and diffusion in the Mediterranean area and its hinterland;
  • interaction of language and culture in the region; cases studies of linguistic relativity; culturally determined language behaviour;
  • sociolinguistic aspects: dialectology, language policy, koiné and levelling, sociolects, diglossia and bilingualism;
  • the historical evolution and present state of languages spoken by small nations and ethnic minorities (e.g. Berber, Albanian in Italy and Greece, Neo-Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, Judezmo, the languages of Gypsies, etc.); language problems endemic to small spaker communities in the region; ethnolinguistic research on Bedouin;
  • religion and language: confessional affiliation and language use; liturgical languages;
  • ethnolinguistic studies on island communities in the Mediterranean (Corsica, Sardinia, Cyprus, Malta, the Greek islands, etc.); linguistic obsolescence;
  • linguistic stratification: areal typology and the languages of the Mediterranean littoral; substratal phenomena;
  • interlinguas: Kultursprachen of the Mediterranean (Greek, Latin, Italian, Arabic, etc.); the lexical impact of globalization; Mediterranean Lingua Franca; maritime linguistics; lexical convergence; relics of colonial and maritime English, e.g. in Maltese, Egyptian Arabic, Cypriot Greek, etc.; marginal language;
  • approaches to Mediterranean lexicology (Worte und Sachen); ethnolinguistic studies of traditional professions; the levelling linguistic impact of globalization.
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