Inhalte der Ausgabe 8 (1994)


Marcel Erdal
Hans Jakob Polotsky (1905-1991): An appreciation, S. 1-9

Dominique Briquel
Quelques observations sur la langue étrusque, S. 10-19

Moshe I. Fischer
Historical and philological observations on Marmorarii in Byzantine Palestine in the light of two Greek inscriptions, S. 20-40

Alexander Borg
Some evolutionary parallels and divergences in Cypriot Arabic and Maltese, S. 43-73

Marcel Erdal
Vowel harmony in the Hebrew script version of the anonymous Tevârîh-i âl-i 'Osmân, S. 68-76


Hans Eideneier
Neugriechisch in Deutschland, S. 77-84



Yakov Malkiel
An attempted return to the key issue: Areal configuration vs. temporal sequence, S. 85-94

Paul Wexler
Four new books in Judeo-Spanish and Judeo-Romance linguistics, S. 95-117



Tamar Katriel
Talking straight: Dugri Speech in Israeli Sabra Culture (Weitmann), S. 118-119

Wilhelm Theodor Elwert
Von Bukarest bis Lissabon. Linguistisches und Literarisches (Muljacic), S. 119-121

Yishai Peled
Conditional structures in Classical Arabic (Latham), S. 121-123
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