Inhalte der Ausgabe 1 (1983)


Editorial , S. 3

H. & R. Kahane
Introductory essay: Aspects of Mediterranean Linguisticsa, S. 7-10

Y. Malkiel
Lateral, Marginal, Peripheral Zone: Three Keyterms of Spatio-Temporal Linguistics, S. 11-14

A. Tietze
The Presemt State of the Study of Turkisms in the Languages of the Mediterranean and of the Balkan Peninsula, S. 15--26

B. Newton
Stylistic Levels in Cypriot Greek, S. 55-63

C. A. Ferguson
God-Wishes in Syrian Arabic , S. 65-83

H. Goldberg
Language and Culture of the Jews of Tripolitania: A Preliminary View, S. 85-102

D. Bunis
Some Problems in Judezmo Linguistics, S. 103-138


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