Scholarships for Australia and New Zealand

Partner universities
How to apply

The University of Heidelberg has an increasing number of exchange agreements with universities in the southern hemisphere. While travel and living costs have to be covered by the student, exchange agreements involve a tuition fee waiver. Applications are open to members of all departments. Please note that the academic year in Australia and New Zealand is from February to December.

Partner universities



-          The University of Melbourne: 2 places. For more information see

-          Monash University: 1 place, possibly 1 additional place for a BAFöG recipient. For more information see

-          The Australian Catholic University (Liberal Arts College): 1 place. For more information see

South Australia:

-          Flinders University (for more information see

-          The University of Adelaide (for more information see

-          University of South Australia: 1 place from any of the above, possible 1 more place for BAFöG recipient. For more information see


New Zealand:

-          University of Otago: 2 places. For more information see

How to apply

Applications forms and further details are available at the Akademisches Auslandsamt (Seminarstr. 2, Room 135). Closing date for applications is June of the preceding year. Interviews are held soon afterwards. Applicants are expected to have passed the TOEFL (English) test before that time.


Students are advised to look at the website of the university they are interested in and start thinking about possible courses of study prior to their application. Their academic interests and motives for going overseas will feature in the interview, which is conducted in English by a small selection committee.


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