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Applicants for IAZ short-term fellowships must contact a scholarly supervisor at Heidelberg University before submitting their application. Please note the information on the website of the IAZ short-term research program.

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IAZ short-term fellowship program
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The Center for Iberoamerica was founded to foster the scholarly dialogue between Germany and the countries of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. To this end, we promote academic networking especially among junior researchers in the humanities and the social and environmental sciences. One of the main goals is to give PhD students and postdocs the opportunity of a research stay of several months within the IAZ network. For this purpose, the center has established a short-term research fellowship program for PhD students from universities in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. This program was created in 2012 with the support of Santander Universidades and it has been further developed ever since.

IAZ short-term research fellowships for PhD students

The IAZ short-term research fellowship program is primarily angled at PhD students from the fields of linguistics, translation, literature, and cultural studies from universities in Latin America, Spain or Portugal who are interested in a three-month research stay at Heidelberg University’s Center for Iberoamerica. PhD students from the social and environmental sciences whose projects are related to linguistics and cultural studies can also apply for these fellowships. Applicants for one of our fellowships must be involved in an ongoing research project directly related to the research areas of the IAZ. [more]

Postdoc research stays at the Center for Iberoamerica

Postdoc researchers from universities in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America with their own projects and funding are also regularly welcomed and integrated into the research going on at the IAZ. The junior researchers cooperate with the teams of one or more of the senior researchers of our center. For optimum benefit, we recommend sojourns of three months to two years. Short-term stays are possible during the lecture periods of our university (from October to February and from April to July). Postdoc research stays at our center are usually financed by fellowships from national or international institutions (e.g. German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Alexander von Humboldt foundation, Conicyt, etc). The IAZ offers counselling and institutional support for the funding application processes. If you are interested in a research stay at the IAZ, please contact us via email.

Visiting lecturers

If you are interested in a visiting lectureship at the Center for Iberoamerica, please contact us via email with your proposal for external funding.


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