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Cooperation partners abroad
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The founding idea behind the Center for Iberoamerica is to strengthen connections between Heidelberg University and research centres in countries of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. For that reason, the IAZ strives to foster interdisciplinary cooperation with partners within the university and abroad to develop joint projects in research, teaching, and knwoledge transfer to society focussing on the linguistic, cultural, and social variety of Ibero-America as well as the complexity of this macro-region.

Special emphasis is devoted to the construction and the infrastructural support of networks of junior researchers. One of the initiatives launched for this purpose is the IAZ short-term research fellowship program offering doctoral students at Iberoamerican universities support for a research stay at Heidelberg University. The IAZ also regularly welcomes junior researchers with external funding and integrates them into the IAZ research areas. For more information on a research stay at the IAZ, please contact us.

Cooperation partners abroad

Home universities of our visiting researchers

Institutional networks


To request information about possibilities of cooperation with the Center for Iberoamerica please write to IAZ project coordination.

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