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New publication: Loureda/Recio Fernández/Cruz/Nadal (eds.), Empirical Studies of the Construction of Discourse. Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, Amsterdam. John Benjamins.



Announcement: International Summer School "Empirical Approaches to Discourse Studies", from 26 July to 1 August 2019 in San José de Costa Rica, organized by the IAZ and the University of Costa Rica and funded by the DAAD.



Linguist Francisco Moreno-Fernández researches in Heidelberg. The Spanish linguist Prof. Dr. Francisco Moreno-Fernández is receiving a Humboldt Professorship to research and teach at Heidelberg University. [more].



Announcement: Two public keynote lectures will be held during the Summer School "New World Crucibles of Globalization" organized by Heidelberg University´s Faculty of Modern Languages: Enlightened blindness. Mexico: a global tragedy, Prof. Dr. Fernando Escalante Gonzalbo (El Colegio de Mexico) on July 22 (19.15, Alte Aula) and Decolonizing the world history, Prof. Dr. Enrique Dussel (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico) on July 29 (19.15, Neue Universität HS 14). [more].



HULC Lab Summer symposium: On July 11, the HULC Lab organises its annual symposium with presentations about ongoing projects on experimental linguistics. [more].



New research project at the IAZ in conjunction with the University of Costa Rica. With the co-operation of DPKog project members, this new project studies the development of comprehension skills of multimodal and multimedia texts in secondary school. It is funded by the Espacio Universitario de Estudios Avazados, University of Costa Rica.


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