Centro de Estudos Galegos


Vanesa Rodríguez

Leitorado Brasileiro


Dr. Gustavo Gomes Araújo

Lecturer for Brazilian Portuguese


Regional Centers

Cooperation between the Center for Iberoamerica and external institutions has led to the formation of two centers fostering the academic and cultural dialogue with specific regions of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America: the Centro de Estudos Galegos and the Leitorado Brasileiro, the lectureship for Brazilian Portuguese.


The work undertaken by the Centro de Estudos Galegos and the Leitorado Brasilieiro focuses on fostering Galician and Brazilian Portuguese as objects of research and teaching at Heidelberg University. Their teaching activities are angled mainly at students at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Department of Romance Studies.

Both centers also promote Galician and Brazilian culture and literature within Heidelberg and its surroundings. Accordingly, the extracurricular activities of the Centro de Estudos Galegos and the Leitorado Brasileiro include book presentations, lectures, conferences, thematic excursions, and movie presentations.


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