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The heiDOCS Support Programme of the Faculty of Modern Languages





  1. Enabling stronger national and international connectivity for our doctoral candidates.
  2. Organisation of international colloquia and conferences by doctoral student teams.
  3. Support in critical transition stages – at the beginning and the end of doctoral studies – in which it is difficult to obtain financial help for “tiding-over” purposes.

As grants in the heiDOCS support programme are awarded in conjunction with the Graduate Academy of the University of Heidelberg, we refer you to the homepage of the Graduate Academy for this purpose.

In the framework of the heiDOCS Support Programme, doctoral candidates studying at our Faculty can apply by 10 January, 10 April, 10 July, 10 October every year for assistance in connection with the measures listed below:


Mobility and Internationalisation


Connectivity and Doctoral Initiatives



Support during critical transition stages





People to contact


If you have any questions about the Faculty’s heiDOCS Support Programme, please get in touch with the following staff members at the Doctoral Studies Office: Dr. Martina Engelbrecht

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