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Closing Symposium of the project "Human Dignity"


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Winter School 2011

In cooperation with the Marsilius Kolleg, the IFBK hosted a Winter School from February 7th to 16th 2011 for young scholars in the humanities and natural sciences on the topic “The (non-) transparent human being. How deep into the person can we look?”

How do we perceive the sentiments, feelings and intentions of others? Using brain imaging techniques, can we read a person's thoughts or detect their feelings? Does the genome predict our individual futures? Where is the person to be found – within or without? The 2011 Winter School of Heidelberg’s Marsilius Kolleg addressed these current issues. It investigated the following questions: - what approaches to the person are offered by different disciplines such as Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Neurobiology; - to what extent can data obtained through new technologies in the fields of human genetics and brain research allow us to reconstruct the person; and – what are the ethical and legal consequences of the increasing “transparency” of the person. Participants had the opportunity to intensively explore different research approaches and current issues with numerous experts. They discussed these in work groups and discussion rounds and each presented their individual research projects.

Prof. Dr. Claus R. Bartram (Human Genetics)
Prof. Dr. Monika Bobbert (History of Medicine)
Prof. Dr. Dieter Dölling (Criminology)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs (Psychiatry, Philosophy)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Tanner (Theology)

Speakers, among others:
Martin Altmeyer (Frankfurt); Alan Costall (Portsmouth); Harald Dressing (Mannheim); Sandro Gaycken (Stuttgart); Dirk Hagemann (Heidelberg); John-Dylan Haynes (Charité Berlin); Jessica Heesen (Freiburg); Peter Janich (Marburg); Paul Kirchhof (Heidelberg); Wolfgang Kuhlmann (Aachen); Peter Lichter (Heidelberg); Hannah Monyer (Heidelberg); Christoph Rehmann-Sutter (Basel); Jörg Schmidtke (Hannover); Hermann Schmitz (Kiel); Jürgen Straub (Bochum); Dieter Sturma (Bonn); Jochen Taupitz (Mannheim)

Target Group:
Junior researchers and doctoral students of different disciplines who deal with questions about the person (or related questions) in their projects and are interested in interdisciplinary dialogue. The number of participants is limited to 30. Participation as well as room and board are free of charge. The event was sponsored by BASF SE.

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Winter School 2009

The IFBK organised a Winter School in cooperation with the Marsilius Kolleg for junior researchers in the humanities and natural sciences on the topic "Responsibility - only an illusion?" from 02/02 - 02/13/2009. The school concentrated on the scientific discussion of determinism and freedom and their practical implications. In keeping with the mission of the Kolleg, the Winter School was transdisciplinary, and set out to clarify the terms freedom, determinism and responsibility, to present and discuss the most important brain research methods and results, to interpret the philosophical implications of these research results, to place them within their ethical coordinates and to reflect upon their application in the areas of law, business management and dementia research.  

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