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School Project "Human Dignity"

From 2006 to 2009, seminar courses that dealt with the theme human dignity were offered in cooperation with scholars from Heidelberg University at four secondary schools in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Karlsruhe. Each year, a particular aspect of this topic was highlighted:

School year 2006/2007 (Phase I): „Human dignity at the end of life“
School year 2007/2008 (Phase II): „Human dignity at the start of life“
School year 2008/2009 (Phase III): „Human dignity and violence“

In addition to teachers, students and scholars, around 16 to 20 mentors from the university contributed to the project in each phase. They aided the teachers in their work during the seminar courses, communicated with both the school and the university and supervised the seminar projects of the students. Between 80 and 120 students took part in each seminar course. The students wrote a paper on a topic of their choice and presented their work at the closing ceremony of the project.


Participating Schools:


Participating Scholars:

Prof. Dr. Michael Anderheiden (Law)
Prof . Dr. Wolfgang Eckart (Medicine)
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Härle (Theology)
Dr. Brigitta-Sophie von Wolff-Metternich (Philosophy)

The School Project "Human Dignity" was supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation.


Final Report of the School Project "Human Dignity" (pdf)


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