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Interdisciplinary Forum for Biomedicine and Cultural Studies (IFBK)

Welcome to the website of the Interdisciplinary Forum for Biomedicine and Cultural Studies (IFBK) at Heidelberg University!

The IFBK was founded in 2005. Its central aims are to foster interdisciplinary exchange and to support academic projects on anthropological and ethical topics in biomedicine, cultural studies and the social sciences. The IFBK has achieved visible success in building bridges between the many faculties of the university. It contributes significantly to the work of the Marsilius Kolleg. The IFBK is connected with similar centres at other universities in Baden-Württemberg through the „Competence Centre for Medicine and Society,“ created in 2009 by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Sciences.

The IFBK focuses in particular on the anthropological and ethical issues arising from culture-altering sciences and technologies.


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