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Interdisciplinary Forum for Biomedicine and Cultural Studies (IFBK)

The Interdisciplinary Forum for Biomedicine and Cultural Studies (IFBK) was founded in 2005 by Prof. Dr. Wilfired Härle (Theology) and Prof. Dr. Claus Bartram (Medicine) with a group of ten scholars from many different faculties at Heidelberg University. It central aims are to foster interdisciplinary exchange and to support projects on anthropological and ethical issues in biomedicine, cultural studies and the social sciences. It focuses in particular on the issues that arise as a consequence of culture-altering sciences and technologies.

The people and activities of the IFBK consist of an interdisciplinary research group that meets in plenary sessions, thematic work groups, joint events, support and supervision of young scholars as well as projects with secondary students.

The plenum of the IFBK is currently made up of 24 members from eight different faculties.

The IFBK is led by a five-member board comprised of Prof. Dr. Claus Bartram (Human Genetics), Prof. Dr. Dieter Dölling (Law/Criminology), Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs (Psychiatry, Philosophy), Prof. Dr. Helmuth Kiesel (German Language and Literature) and Prof. Dr. Klaus Tanner (Theology/Ethics). The board is chaired by directors Prof. Dr. Claus Bartram and Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs (Executive Director).

For each project, either permanent or short-term work groups are formed.

The office of the IFBK is located in the administrative buildings of the medical faculty. It is run by two research associates.





Winter Schools

  • The (non-) transparent human being: How deep into the person can we look? 2011
  • Responsibility – only an illu­sion? 2009



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