6th International Workshop on Optimal Control of
Quantum Dynamics: Theory and Experiment

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30.05. - 2.06.2010

Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Germany


Organizers: K.L. Kompa, M. Motzkus and R. de Vivie-Riedle





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Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Heidelberg Center for Quantum Dynamics

Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics





Spectra Physics



The objective of the conference is to discuss the recent experimental and theoretical results and progress of real time control of chemical dynamics and show perspectives of the future of computerized control experiments.

Special emphasis will be on the following topics:

  • Coherent control of quantum phenomena
  • Optimal control theory and algorithms
  • Open- and closed loop experiments
  • Applications to complex systems
  • Femtosecond pulse shaping techniques




The meeting follows the shape of the first workshop and will provide a lively forum and informal atmosphere to promote intense discussions between theorists and experimentalists in the field of quantum control and femtosecond spectroscopy. It is planned to have approximately 28 talks divided into 6 sessions. The talks are 30 minutes (including 5-10 min discussion). A poster session is planned for Monday evening as an opportunity to present additional or future work. The total number of participants is limited to about 60. There is no conference fee. 


The workshop will take place at the castle "Schloß Ringberg" of the Max-Planck-Society, 65 km south of Munich. The castle (built during the first half of the century by "Duke Luitpold in Bavaria") is overlooking the lake Tegernsee. Accommodation is within the castle, mostly in single rooms. Each room has a private bath/shower and is equipped with telephone. Fax and Internet access are also available. Few rooms are reserved in the nearby hotels. All meals will be served in the castle. Further information about Ringberg castle are available via Internet: http://www.rzg.mpg.de/ringberg-castle/. In winter times chances for snow are not negligible small.




All speakers are kindly requested to submit a short abstract, (1-2 pages, DIN A 4 format), until May 1st, 2010. The abstract should include your title in bold face, affiliation, address, and a few recent references to your talk. Please submit your abstract in electronic form (MS-Word or pdf) to Mrs. Sylvia Boganski (pci-sekr@urz.uni-heidelberg.de)




Arrival at Ringberg Castle (Schloß Ringberg) should be on Sunday afternoon, May 30th. The reception for all participants of the workshop will start at 6 pm. The official program begins on Monday at 8:50 am and ends on Wednesday around lunch time. Departure is on Wednesday, June 2nd after lunch. The conference dinner will be held on Tuesday evening.







Sunday, 30. May 2010


17:00-21:00          Registration and reception



Monday, 31. May 2010


8:00-8:50                   Breakfast


8:50-9:00                   Welcome


Chair: G. Gerber


9:00-9:30             H. Rabitz, Princeton University

Controlling Quantum Dynamics Phenomena with

Photonic Reagents and Beyond



                      J. P. Wolf, J. Roslund, M. Roth, L. Bonacina, A. Rondi, J. Extermann, D. Kiselev, S. Weber, W. Noell, N. de Rooij, and H. Rabitz, Université de Genève

Discrimination of Biomolecules using Deep-UV Pulse Shaping


10:00-10:30          D. Geissler, M. Kotur and T. Weinacht, J. Gonzalez-Vazquez, L. Gonzales, T. Rozgonyi,

                                S. Matsika, Stony Brook University

                                Strong Field Control and Pulse Shape Spectroscopy



10:30-11:00              Coffee break


Chair: J.L. Herek


11:00-11:30              V. Bonačić-Koutecký, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

                                      How shaped Light dicriminates nearly identical Biochromophores


11:30-12:00               R. J. Sension, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

      Optical control of condensed phase reaction dynamics - from ring-opening in
      provitamin D to bond cleavage and formation in halomethanes


12:00-12:30               T. Buckup, J. Hauer, J. Voll, R. de Vivie-Riedle and M. Motzkus, Universität Heidelberg

        Quantum Control Spectroscopy in Photobiology



12:30-14:30              Lunch



Chair: T. Baumert


14:30-15:00                D. Brinks, F. Stefani, F.  Kulzer, R. Hildner, T. Taminiau, ICFO Barcelona

       Controlling vibrational wavepackets of single molecules


15:00-15:30               M. Khasin, S. Kallush and R. Kosloff, Hebrew University Jerusalem

                                         Noise and Controllability : suppression of controllability in large quantum systems


15:30-16:00              Coffee break


Chair: D. Tannor


16:00-16:30              K. F. Reim, P. Bustard, K.C. Lee, J. Nunn, V.O. Lorenz,  B.J. Sussman, N.K. Langford,
       D. Jaksch and
Ian Walmsley, University of  Oxford, UK

       Coherent control for quantum technologies


16:30-17:00              K. Ohmori, Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences,

      Ultrafast Fourier Transform with a Femtosecond-Laser-Driven Molecule


17:00-17:30              Y. Silberberg, I. Afek, O. Ambar, The Weizmann Institute Rehovot

                                     A Simple Route to High-NOON



18:30-                         Dinner





Tuesday, 1. June 2010


8:00-9:00                  Breakfast


Chair: M. Shapiro


9:00-9:30                  I. Barth, J. Manz, Freie Universität Berlin

     Current control for Ringberg: Ring currents, magnetic fields, and neutron scattering


9:30-10:00                M. Wollenhaupt, M. Krug, J. Köhler, T. Bayer, T. Kalas, C. Lux, M. Gerlach, Q. Liang,

                                     C. Sarpe and T. Baumert, Universität Kassel

                                    Imaging and Control


10:00-10:30              P. von den Hoff, and R. de Vivie-Riedle, Universität München

                                     Molecular processes controlled by electron dynamics



10:30-11:00              Coffee break


Chair: K. Ohmori


11:00-11:30              M. Weidemüller, Universität Heidelberg

     Ultracold meets ultrafast – photoassociation of ultracold molecules with shaped 
      femtosecond  laser pulses


11:30-12:00              V. Engel, Universität Würzburg

     Local control theory: applications to energy and particle transfer processes
     in molecules


12:00-12:30              D. Sugny, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon

                                      Geometric optimal control of spin systems



12:30-14:30              Lunch


Chair: J.P. Wolf

14:30-15:00                T. Siebert, O. Gause, F. Hagemann, A. Mirabal, B. Schmidt, S. Li, Y. Demuth, P. Rohwetter,
                                 K. Stelmaszczyk, Z. Hao, W. M. Nakaema, J. Kasparian, D. Kiselev, Y. Petit, J.-P. Wolf,
                                  L. Wöste,
Freie Universität Berlin

      Optimizing Multi-Photon Ionization and Plasma Formation with Shaped White Light Pulses


15:00-15:30              R. Levis, Temple University, Philadelphia

                                    Manipulating Nuclear Modes of Motion in the Strong Field Limit: Impulsive 
     Raman Spectroscopy of Gas Phase Molecules in Filaments and Nonresonant Desorption
     of Biomolecules



15:30-16:00              Coffee break


Chair: Y. Silberberg


16:00-16:30              D. Pestov, P.J. Wrzesinski, V. V. Lozovoy, M. Dantus, Michigan State University

    Strategies for Selective Single Beam CARS and Pulse Characterization


16:30-17:00              A.C.W. van Rhijn, M. Jurna J. L. Herek , A. Jafarpour, and H.L. Offerhaus, 

                                    University of Twente

    Optimal control CARS spectroscopy


17:00-17:30               V. Prokhorenko, University of Toronto
                                      Coherently-controlled two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy



18:00-19:00              Castle Tour


19:00                        Conference dinner "Bayrischer Abend"




Wednesday, 2. June 2010



8:00-9:00                  Breakfast


Chair: M. Dantus

 9:00-9:30                   D. Tannor, The Weizmann Institute Rehovot

       New Developments in Quantum Control


9:30-10:00                 T. Momose, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

      Control of Rovibrational States of Molecules by Shaped Mid-Infrared Femtosecond Pulses


10:00-10:30               D. Strasfeld, MIT

       Coherent control in the mid-IR towards clarifying and extending vibrational spectroscopy


10:30-11:00              Coffee break


Chair:  J. Manz


11:00-11:30              S. Mukamel, University of California, Irvine

                                         Quasiparticle Coherence and Entanglement in Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical and X-ray

                                         Spectroscopy of Many-body Systems


11:30-12:00              M. Kling, MPI für Quantenoptik, Garching

       Laser waveform control of molecular dissociation and field-free orientation


12:00-12:30                M. Shapiro, Depts. of Chemistry and Physics, The University of British Columbia,
and  Dept. of Chemical Physics, The Weizmann Institute Rehovot,

                                Three dimensional dissociation and control in strong laser fields and spatial

                                chiral separation



12:30-12:35              Closing remarks



12:35 -14:00             Lunch


14:00                         Departure


Travel information:

Direct flights to Munich international airport (MUC) are available from many European cities and from major US cities. Public transfer (S-Bahn) connects the airport with Munich downtown and main railway station (München-Hauptbahnhof). Trains to Tegernsee station (1 hour trip) leave from the main station every hour. The castle can be reached from Tegernsee station by taxi (approx. 15-20 Euro).

Time tables for trains and S-Bahn can be found under:




We will also provide a bus that will leave from the main station at 17:00 on Sunday and will go straight to the Castle. The bus for the return trip is scheduled for 14:00 on Wednesday. The whole drive takes about 70-90 min depending on weather and traffic conditions.

Additional travel information is available via Internet:



All participants, please communicate your anticipated arrival time in Munich or Schloß Ringberg to Mrs. Boganski.


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