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The Motzkus group "Femtoscience - Ultrafast dynamics, spectroscopy and coherent control" studies the ultrafast dynamics of prototype molecules and biomolecular systems in real time, explores schemes for the optimal control of chemical systems and applies coherent control for spectroscopy.

                                                                             PCCP Vol.10 (2008) No. 5

One of our major research fields is shaping of ultrashort pulses and the application of shaped pulses to molecular systems. We employ feedback-controlled optimization strategies to generate tailored pulses that steer a quantum mechanical system into the desired reaction channel.

We use and develop laser spectroscopic techniques such as Four-Wave-Mixing spectroscopy with time resolution down to 15 femtoseconds, to obtain a detailed microscopic understanding of formation and dissociation processes of elementary chemical reactions and of the energy flow in biomolecules.

Additionally, we employ tailored broadband femtosecond pulses for chemical analytics in miroenvironments with high selectivity, allowing chemical mapping in laser scanning microscopy.


If you are interested in joining our group for Bachelor / Master or Ph.D. please contact us!

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