Finnigan LCQ Instrument

The Finnigan LCQ instrument (companny now Thermo Fisher Scientific) was installed in June 2010. It had been acquired as a second hand instrument from MasCom. The acquisition could be founded from tuition, because the LCQ will greatly improve our laboratory's up-time, which is particularly important during the preparation period of Bachelor theses, typically in May and June of a year.

The LCQ is a quadrupole ion trap instrument is operated in ESI mode.

The instrument offers unit resolution and so-called zoom scans that allow to achieve better resolving power over small m/z ranges, e.g., to resolve isotopic patterns of doubly or triply charged ions. As a tandem-in-time device, the ion trap can be run in MSn mode.

Finnigan LCQ classic with ESI source
Finnigan LCQ classic with ESI source


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