Photographs from the Georg-Wittig-Lectureship

The photographs shown convey an impression of the celebration on the occasion of the Georg-Wittig-Lectureship in 1999, where the award was presented to Prof. Noyori on October 27th in Heidelberg. Among many participants from Universities and industry many former students of Georg Wittig and other prominent guests, including Profs. G. Wilke, E. O. Fischer and L. Horner were present as honorary guests.



Welcome address at the celebration meeting by the Rector of the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Magnifizenz Prof. Dr. J. Siebke.


Welcome and congratulations for the prize-winner´s wife.


Presentation of the certificate to Prof. Noyori by Dr. Stefan Marcinowski, member of the board of directors and speaker of research of BASF.


Prof. Noyori, Prof. P. Hofmann and Dr. S. Marcinowski at the celebration colloquium.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Noyori and his wife Hiroko.


The prize-winner giving his lecture "Asymmetric catalysis: science and opportunities".


Prof. R. W. Hoffmann from Marburg performing an experiment during his presentation: "Georg Wittig and his work: of importance beyond 100 years".

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