Geo- and Cosmochemistry

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Dipl.-Math., Dipl.-Phys.

Institut für Geowissenschaften
Im Neuenheimer Feld 234-236
D-69120 Heidelberg



  • Education and employment
    2020- Research Scientist, Klaus Tschira Lab for Cosmochemistry, Heidelberg University
    2019 Research Scientist, Institute of Planetary Research, DLR
    2016-2019 PI, DFG Project, Institute for Planetology, University of Münster
    2014-2016 Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Planetary Research, DLR
    2010-2014 PhD study, Institute for Planetology, University of Münster
    Thesis title: Modelling of compaction, differentiation and convection in accreting planetesimals with applications to asteroids 21 Lutetia and 4 Vesta
    2010-2014 Research Associate (PhD student), Institute of Planetary Research, DLR
    2009-2014 Adjunct Professor for Applied Mathematics, University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin
    2009-2010 Actuary for Company Pension Schemes, Funk Boehm Consultants, Berlin
    2006-2009 Pre-Graduate Scientific Assistant, Department of Mathematics, Humboldt University Berlin
    2004-2005 Academic year abroad within the Erasmus Programme, Imperial College London, UK
    2002-2008 University Diploma in Mathematics and Physics, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
    Thesis title: Critical metrics for eigenvalue functionals on closed manifolds
    2001 Abitur (High School Diploma), Gymnasium Templin
  • Research interests
    • Applied mathematics, numerical modeling of physical processes
    • Geoscience, theoretical and computational geodynamics: multiphase flow, deformation, convection, magnetic field generation
    •  Physics and chemistry of planets, asteroids, KBOs, icy moons, and comets
    • Evolution, structure, dynamics, and habitability of planetary objects
    • Space missions: Dawn Framing Camera team member, Hayabusa2 MASCOT-MARA CoI, AIDA (Hera team member)
  • Service to community
    • Reviewer for: Nature Geoscience, MNRAS, JGR, Icarus, EPSL, NASA Solar System Workings program (2019), NASA Postdoctoral Program (2021), LPSC Dwornik Award (Judge, 2019, 2016), MetSoc McCay Award (Judge, 2018, 2016), EGU OSPA (Judge, 2015)
    • Conference organization: EPSC 2020 (session SB4), EPSC-DPS 2019 (session SB2), EPSC 2018 (sessions SB4 and SB9), MetSoc 2018 (session Parent Body Processes), MetSoc 2016 (special session Surface and Interior Dynamics of Meteorite Parent Bodies), LCPM 2015 (LOC member)

  • Prizes and distinctions
    • Asteroid (11461) Wladimirneumann 1981 EM18, awarded by the IAU (2017)
    • NASA Group Achievement Award to the Dawn Framing Camera Team (2016)
    • EAG Early Career Science Ambassador at 29th IAU General Assembly (2015)
    • LPI Career Development Award at 45th LPSC (2014)
    • Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation (2003-2008)

  • Important publications
    • W. Neumann, M. Grott, M. Trieloff, R. Jaumann, J. Biele, M. Hamm, E. Kührt (2021) Microporosity and parent body of the rubble-pile NEA (162173) Ryugu. Icarus 358, 114166.
    • W. Neumann, R. Jaumann, J. Castillo-Rogez, C. A. Raymond, C. T. Russell (2020) Ceres’ Partial Differentiation: Undifferentiated crust mixing with a water-rich mantle. Astronomy and Astrophysics 633, A117.
    • M. Grott, J. Knollenberg, M. Hamm, K. Ogawa, R. Jaumann, K. A. Otto, M. Delbo, P. Michel, J. Biele, W. Neumann, M. Knapmeyer, E. Kührt, H. Senshu, T. Okada, J. Helbert, A. Maturilli, N. Müller, A. Hagermann, N. Sakatani, S. Tanaka, T. Arai, S. Mottola, S. Tachibana, I. Pelivan, L. Drube, J.-B. Vincent, H. Yano, C. Pilorget, K. D. Matz, N. Schmitz, A. Koncz, S. E. Schröder, F. Trauthan, M. Schlotterer, C. Krause, T.-M. Ho & A. Moussi-Soffys (2019) Low thermal conductivity boulder with high porosity identified on C-type asteroid (162173) Ryugu. Nature Astronomy 3, 971-976.
    • R. Jaumann, N. Schmitz, T.-M. Ho, S. E. Schröder, K. A. Otto, K. Stephan, S. Elgner, K. Krohn, F. Preusker, F. Scholten, J. Biele, S. Ulamec, C. Krause, S. Sugita, K.-D. Matz, T. Roatsch, R. Parekh, S. Mottola, M. Grott, P. Michel, F. Trauthan, A. Koncz, H. Michaelis, C. Lange, J. T. Grundmann, M. Maibaum, K. Sasaki, F. Wolff, J. Reill, A. Moussi-Soffys, L. Lorda, W. Neumann, J.-B. Vincent, R. Wagner, J.-P. Bibring, S. Kameda, H. Yano, S. Watanabe, M. Yoshikawa, Y. Tsuda, T. Okada, T. Yoshimitsu, Y. Mimasu, T. Saiki, H. Yabuta, H. Rauer, R. Honda, T. Morota, Y. Yokota, T. Kouyama (2019) Images from the surface of asteroid Ryugu show rocks similar to carbonaceous chondrite meteorites. Science 365, 817.
    • O. Ruesch, A. Genova, W. Neumann, L. Quick, J. Castillo-Rogez, C. Raymond, C. Russell, M. Zuber (2019) Slurry extrusion on Ceres from a convective mud-bearing mantle. Nature Geoscience 12, 505-509.
    • W. Neumann, S. Henke, D. Breuer, H.-P. Gail, W. H. Schwarz, M. Trieloff, J. Hopp, T. Spohn (2018) Modelling the evolution of the parent body of acapulcoites and lodranites: A case study for partially differentiated asteroids. Icarus 311, 146-169.
    • W. Neumann, D. Breuer, T. Spohn (2014) Differentiation of Vesta: Implications for a shallow magma ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 395, 267-280.
    • W. Neumann, D. Breuer, T. Spohn (2012) Differentiation and core formation in accreting planetesimals. Astronomy and Astrophysics 543, A141.



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