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New Book Review of "Knowledge and Networks" (Volume 11) in Hungarian Geographical Bulletin.

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Program of "Knowledge for Governance"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Thursday, June 29, 2017
Friday, June 30, 2017
Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Lunch (12:00)


Session 1: The Reflexive Nature of Knowledge and Governance
Chair: Michael Handke


Welcome Address (13:00)



Johannes Glückler and Michael Handke, Department of Geography, Heidelberg University (Germany)


Self-optimizing systems, governance and multinational corporations: Continuous improvement, upgrading and sustainability (13:45)

Gary Herrigel, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago (USA)


Coffee Break (14:45)


Knowledge of governance as knowledge for governance: Legitimating land use development (15:15)

Michael Scott, Department of Sociology, Flinders University (Australia)


Metropolitan governance and institutional collective action (16:15)

Richard Feiock, Reubin O'D. Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, Florida State University (USA)


General Discussion (17:15)


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Session 2: The Role of Localized Knowledge for Governance
Chair: Patrick Kenis


Adaptive governance for navigating social-ecological complexity (09:00)

Lisen Schultz, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University (Sweden)


Indigenous peoples´ relational knowledges: Climate change, cultures, territories and non-humans in Colombia (10:00)

Astrid Ulloa, Department of Geography, National University of Colombia (Colombia)


Coffee Break (11:00)


The success of Easter Island:  Moai as the key to sustainable communities (11:30)

Carl P. Lipo, Department of Anthropology, Binghamton University (USA)


Lunch (12:30)


Session 3: Governance, Politics and the Region
Chair: Bernhard Truffer


Explaining variation in subnational performance: Governors’ background or political factors? (13:30)

Claudia N. Avellaneda, School of Public & Environmental Affairs, Indiana University Bloomington (USA)


A new era of ‘good governance’ in Latin America and Brazil: Does it have an impact on corporate crime and political corruption? (14:30)

Markus Pohlmann, Max-Weber-Institute for Sociology, Heidelberg University (Germany)


Coffee Break (15:30)


General Discussion (16:00)


Friday, June 30, 2017

Session 4: Risk Governance
Chair: Elsa Astrid Ulloa Cubillos


Institutional change, innovation and policy coordination (09:00)

Michael Handke, Department of Geography, Heidelberg University (Germany)


Can systemic risk and structural power in financial markets be governed? (10:00)

Andrew Hindmoor, Department of Politics, The University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)


Coffee Break (11:00)


Risk governance (11:30)

Ortwin Renn, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS) (Germany)


Lunch (12:30)


Session 5: Organizing and Governing Innovation
Chair: Janelle Knox-Hayes


Knowledge procurement and innovation – the case of flat-glass (13:30)

Nebahat Tokatli, Schools of Public Engagement, The New School (USA)


What do we know and what do we need to know more about the governance of organizational networks (14:30)

Patrick Kenis, TIAS School for Business and Society, Tilburg University (Netherlands)


Coffee Break (15:30)


Global innovation systems – A conceptual framework and typology from various cleantech industries (16:00)

Bernhard Truffer, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University (Netherlands)


General Discussion (17:00)


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Session 6: Knowledge, Governance and Democracy
Chair: Johannes Glückler


The cultures of market governance: Examining emissions markets between global initiatives and local values (10:00)

Janelle Knox-Hayes, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)


Coffee Break (11:00)


Knowledge and Socratic humility in deliberative systems: Harnessing scepticism of the self in governing global change (11:30)

Simon Niemeyer, Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, University of Canberra (Australia)


Final Discussion (12:30)


Lunch (13:00)

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