SFB 1249


Spectroscopic Study of N-Heteropolycycles by Matrixisolation 

Subject Area Organic Molecular Chemistry

Prof. Himmel - ACI, Uni HD


Project Description

The matrix isolation technique is used in this project to study spectroscopically N-heteropolycycles, especially their vibrational, electronic absorption and emission spectra. The molecules are brought from the gas-phase into a frozen film of a polycrystalline noble gas (e.g. Ar or Ne) at low temperatures (4 - 30 K). First, the spectra of individual molecules will be recorded to obtain detailed information about their electronic structure in the absence of intermolecular interactions. Then, aggregation of the molecules is initiated by increase of the concentration and/or by annealing of the matrix host material. From the spectra obtained for the dimers or larger aggregates (especially in the low frequency region, 10-100 cm-1), the intermolecular interactions are analysed. Photodegradation processes (with and without dioxygen) are also studied within this project.


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