SFB 1249


π-Extended Indolocarbazole Derivatives and Pyrazin-/Quinoxalin-Based Pentalen Derivatives as Materials for Organic Semiconductors

Subject Area Organic Molecular Chemistry

Prof. Hashmi - OCI, Uni HD


Project Description

The project deals with the synthesis of extended indolocarbazol systems with the aim to establish an airstable alternative to pentacene. The key step consists of a gold-catalyzed polyyne-cyclization. A convergent route enables the selected synthesis of derivatives with the aim to get a deeper insight into the structure activity relationship of the materials accompanied by iterative improvements. This can be achieved by a constant exchange with the theoretically- and materially orientated groups in the SFB. The stepwise improvement of the material probabilities of large N-heterocylic systems bearing pentalen substructures following the same principle will also be addressed.


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