SFB 1249


N-Heteropolycycles on Graphene Substrates

Subject Area Solid State and Surface Chemistry, Material Synthesis

Dr. Backes - PCI, Uni HD


Project Description

Within this project, various N-Heteropolycycles will be deposited on graphene substrates to characterize the adsorption behavior as well as charge transport as a function of molecular structure. The fingerprints of the graphene will be analyzed by Raman microscopy and Kelvin probe atomic force microscopy to shine light on the charge transfer. In case of strong interaction of the dyes with the graphene, we expect the fluorescence of the molecules to be quenched giving access to resonant Raman spectroscopy as characterisation tool for N-heteropolycycles. The goal is to unveil structure-property relationship regarding the adsorption geometry and charge transport by independently varying the core and periphery of the molecules, respectively.

Answers to the following key questions are sought for:

  • Does the doping of the graphene correlate with the donor/acceptor strength of the molecules?

  • To which extent can the supramolecular arrangement on the surface be controlled by the substituents in the periphery of the core?

  • Is the adsorption on the graphene dependent on the deposition technique?


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