Previous Program

Date: July, 11th; 11 am
Location: Hörsaal West
Lecturer: Prof. Peter Schwerdtfeger
Topic: Left or Right in Nature - Biomolecular Homochirality and Chemical Evolution
Date: July, 8th; 2 pm
Location: Kleiner Hörsaal
Lecturer: PhD students
Topic: Lectures concerning PhD topics
A barbecue will take place after the lectures at 6 pm.
Summer School
Date: June, 19th - 26th
Lecturers: Prof. Tim Clark, Erlangen
Dr. Peter Gedeck, Novartis
Dr. Christian Kramer, Novartis
Topic: QSAR
Date: May, 25th & 26th
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Tim Clark, Erlangen
Topic: Solvation and secondary interactions
Outside seminar
Date: March, 14th - 17th
Lecturers: All PhD students
Date: February, 4th
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Ochsenfeld
Topic: Quantum-Chemical Calculation of Molecular Properties for Molecules with 1000 and More Atoms
Softskills course
Date: January, 26th
Lecturer: Dr. Simon Golin
Topic: Berufs- & Karriereplanung für Promovierende
Bewerbungsstandards kennen - persönliche Strategien entwickeln
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