Name Workgroup Topic Graduation Final Report
Matthias Basler Cederbaum Photoinduced processes in macrosystems: Quantumdynamical approaches and their application on the DNA base adenin 2012  Click
Jochen Bautz Comba Photoreduction of CO2 with polynuclear redoxsystems April 2006 Click
Regina Berg Straub

Homogenkatalyse mit dinuklearen Kupfer-Komplexen

Michael Bessel Straub Specially tailored copper complexes as "Click" catalysators: Synthesis, mechanism and activity 2010 Click
Ulrike Blumbach P. Hofmann New C,P and C,C chelateligands for molecular catalysis June 2007 Click
Karin Born Comba Postdoc    
Roland Braun Müller One-pot heterocycle synthesis September 2003 Click
Martina Bühler Linti Studies on cluster compounds March 2007 Click
Juan David Bueno Toro Huttner/Heinze Solid phase synthesis of metal complexes March 2006 Click
Yin Chih Chiang Cederbaum

Molecular Dynamics in Electronic Decay Processes with Application to Interatomic Coulombic Decay (ICD)

2012 Click
Daniel D'Souza Müller Domino cascades of coupling isomerization reactions April 2007 Click
Axel Dahnz Helmchen Iridium catalysis with N-nucleophiles January 2008 Click
André Daubinet Comba Development of a new forcefield parametrisation method   Click
Nina Dovalil Comba Cyclic peptides as model platforms for purple acid phosphatases November 2010 Click
Sandra Dreisigacker Menche En Route to Polyketide Drugs - Natural Product Characterization, Biological Tools and Computer-Aided Drug Design 2012 Click
Peteri Elsner Helmchen New methods for the stereoselective synthesis of isoprostanes and their analogues July 2006 Click
Shirin Faraji Cederbaum Modeling of non-adiabatic photo-induced dynamics of molecules February 2010 Click
Sebastian Förster Helmchen Synthesis of Brefeldin analoga with Iridium catalysed allylic compounds February 2010 Click
Alexander Fuchs Himmel Ein- und mehrkernige Metallkomplexe mit stark nukleophilen Liganden Synthese neuer Imid- und Guanidinatkomplexe sowie quantenchemische Untersuchungen und synthetische Ansätze zur CO2-Aktivierung an einem Kryptatkomplex February 2012 Click
Simone Füßl Trapp Synthese und Immobilisierung von Katalysatoren und deren Anwendung in der on-column Reaktionschromatographie Mai 2012 Click
Rajamaran Gopalan Comba Postdoc    
Mareike Göritz Krämer Synthesis of modified peptide nucleic acids (PNA) and metalfunctionalised oligonucleotides and their application to sequence specific DNA detection   Click
Nora Graf Krämer Synthesis of metal complex functionalized oligonucleotides and peptide nucleic acids (PNA) and their application for DNA sequence detection December 2006 Click
Christina Haaf Comba Bispidone ligands - The second generation October 2009 Click
Uzma Habib M. Hofmann Theoretische Modellierung aktiver Zentren von molybdänabhängigen Enzymen 2012 Click
Patrick Hanno-Igels P. Hofmann Chiral NHCP ligands for catalysis 2011  Click
Rommy Haufe P. Hofmann NHCP transition metal complexes for catalysis 2010 Click
Sascha Hausberg Comba Postdoc   Click
Therese Herrmann P. Hofmann NHCP-Vierring-Chelatkomplexe für die Katalyse   Click
Stefanie Holm Straub Thiolfunktionalisierte 1,2,4-Triazoliumsalze als NHC-Vorläufer 2012 Click
Alexej S. Karpov Müller In situ alkine activation as a starting point for one-pot heterocycle synthesis April 2005 Click
Farooq A. Kiani M. Hofmann Theoretical studies on macropolyhedral boranes October 2006 Click
Sabine Kopec Cederbaum/Klöppel

Exzitonische Kopplungen und Schwingungsanregung in molekularen Dimeren und Trimeren

Stefan Kornmayer Gleiter Synthesis of metal stabilized [8.4]n cyclacenes November 2008 Click
Manuel Kretschmer Menche

Totalsynthese von Rhizopodin

2012 Click
Alberth Lari Gleiter NMR studies on intramolecular interactions between chalcogen centers September 2008 Click
Gunter Lipowsky Helmchen Regio- and stereoselectivity during alylic substitutions   Click
Carlos Lòpez de Laorden Comba Synthesis and application of new bispidone-type ligands and their metal complexes March 2006 Click
Siegfried Lünnemann Cederbaum Stable dianions in the gas phase and p-conduction in molecular chains December 2008 Click
Stefan Mark Enders New modulators for Cp-chrome catalysts in olefinepolymerisation February 2010 Click
Karin Memminger Müller Cyclic and dentritic oligophenothiazines April 2007 Click
Kirill Monakhov Linti Investigations on the polynuclear bismuth chemistry 2010 Click
Amsaveni Muruganantham Comba Computer simulations of copper catalysis July 2009 N/A
Yasmin Nisar P. Hofmann Studies on catalytic hydroamination 2006 Click
Michael Nonnenmacher Kunz Synthesis of late transition metals with mono and dipyriodcarbeneligands and investigations on their catalytic activities June 2008 Click
Shanti Pandian Comba Postdoc   Click
Áron Pintér Haberhauer Pseudopeptic platforms for molecular recognition of peptides   Click
Sven Reinhardt Heinze Solid phase synthesis of polynuclear platin compounds December 2008 Click
Anja Reinhart Heinze Synthesis of 1B2C porphyrines in solution and solid phase January 2009 Click
Pascal Roquette Himmel New mono and dinuclear nickel(II) complexes of chelating guanidine ligands November 2010 Click
Marc Röder P. Hofmann Ligand systems for C-C and C-heteroatom coupling reactions with metal catalysis January 2007 Click
Heidi Rohwer Comba Density Functional studies of copper- and iron bispidone complexes June 2006 Click
Tobias Rosendahl P. Hofmann New catalysts for olefin metathesis December 2006 Click
Carsten Schäfer Gleiter     Click
Martin Schmitt P. Hofmann Ruthenium complexes for molecular catalysis December 2008 Click
Christian Seifert Gräter Kraftverteilugnsanalyse der Signaltransduktion in Chaperonen 2012 Click
Markus Spallek Trapp Synthesis of chiral, N-heterocyclic Carbene Ligands and high-throughput screening of catalytic reactions 2012 Click
Wolfgang Staffel Helmchen Alylic substitution with O-nucleophiles   Click
Mate Tarnai Comba Synthesis and characterization of manganese complexes of bispidone derivatives June 2006 Click
Rolf Tompers P. Hofmann Synthesis and chemistry of new phsphite chelateligands for catalysis June 2007 Click
Prabha Vadivelu Comba Postdoc    Click
Daniel Werz Gleiter Electron rich alkine systems February 2004 Click
Sebastian Wiesner Comba Investigations on synthesis and applications of new bispidine transition metal complexes 2009 Click
Michael Wrede Straub Lipophile Anionen / Chelatisierende Thiolatliganden 2011 Click
Steffen Wunderlich Comba Model systems for the iron catalysed catecholdioxygenase October 2010 Click
Marta Zajaczkowski-Fischer Comba Dinuclear complexes as models for purple acid phosphatases October 2010 Click


Name Current position
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Rolf Gleiter Professor Emeritus
Prof. Dr. Gebhard Haberhauer Universität Duisburg-Essen
Prof. Dr. Katja Heinze Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Prof. Dr. Gottfried Huttner Professor Emeritus
Prof. Dr. Doris Kunz Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Prof. Dr. Thomas J.J. Müller Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf


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