SHORT DIRECTIONSTaking the gargling sample

Please read these short directions carefully and use the explanatory video (see below) to see how to take the gargling sample.

  1. Take the sample before a meal and make sure you have not eaten anything for at least 30 minutes beforehand. The ideal time is in the morning straight after getting up, before cleaning your teeth or having breakfast.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
  3. Lay out the three utensils: the tube for the sample, black straw, bottle with saline solution. In addition, have a sharp pair of scissors to hand.
  4. Open the saline solution and pour it into your mouth. Gargle for at least 30 seconds. Then rinse the solution around your mouth several times. Carefully let the solution flow back into the bottle through the straw.
  5. Bring up the liquid remaining in your throat with several strong pulls; collect all the remaining liquid in your mouth and spit it through the straw into the bottle. After that, cough vigorously, wrinkle your nose several times and spit this secretion into the bottle. Collect as much saliva as possible in your mouth and spit this too into the bottle.
  6. Close the bottle tightly and shake it very hard for a total of 30 seconds. The solution in the bottle should now be very cloudy. If it is clear, spit vigorously into it once again.
  7. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
  8. Now cut the tip of the bottle open with the scissors and pour the solution carefully into the small sample tube until it is almost full, but not quite. Carefully close the tube tight.
  9. Throw away the bottle and straw. Wash the tube and your hands under the tap and keep it in the plastic bag until you deposit it in the collection box.
  10. On the enclosed slip of paper, note your name and the date of the sampling; it is advisable to take a photo of it with your smartphone. Don’t lose the slip of paper, as you will need it to access the results.