STARTUP LAB Speakers and Mentors

Alistair Aitken

  • Sales Expert
  • Expert for Negotiation

How do I prepare for a sales meeting? How do I manage to sell my product and be successful in negotiations? In the sales workshop Alistair will teach you the core elements of value based communication and what is important when communicating with customers and potential partners. You will learn how to highlight the USP of your product in a customer presentation and ensure that your sales pitch is a success.

Alistair Aitken

Dr. Christoph Meyer

  • Patent manager at Heidelberg University
  • Expert in intellectual property

Can I patent my idea? This is a common question, which founders ask themselves at the beginning of their startup journey. Nevertheless, how does it actually work, how much does it cost and what do you have to look out for when filing? Dr. Christoph Meyer will adress these and many more questions as well as the University of Heidelberg’s support in protecting your IP. He is an expert when it comes to intellectual property.

Christoph Meyer

Jochen Morsbach

  • Lawyer
  • Expert in IT law, copyright law, license agreement law, data protection law and corporate law

What do I have to consider for the notarial founding of my startup and at what point does it actually make sense to make an appointment with a notary? What are the different types of companies and what is important legally when things get serious? Jochen Morsbach will explain these and many other questions on the topic of legal basics for startups.

Jochen Morsbach

Lothar Schubert

  • Economic senior at the Senioren der Wirtschaft
  • Expert in financial planning for start-ups

How can you capture a business idea in figures? How can you plausibly estimate a future business development? With the help of an easily understandable tool, you will learn how to create a financial plan and what benefits the evaluations of profitability, liquidity and financial requirements offer. As a small excursion, we look at sales planning, how you systematically find the “right” price for your products and services and what the key factors are.

As a senior economist, Lothar Schubert advises startups and small companies in the areas of business modeling, pricing, financial planning and controlling and is a sought-after speaker for lectures, seminars and workshops at universities and other institutions. He is a business economist and was a manager in the publishing and media industry.

Lothar Schubert

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