Entrepreneurial Skills ModulesEntrepreneurial Skills Modules enter the second round

11 April 2023
published by hei_INNOVATION

The Entrepreneurial Skills Modules, which heiSKILLS, the university's language and competence center, and hei_INNOVATION, Ruperto Carola's transfer agency, offered for the first time in the winter semester 2022/2023, is entering the second round in the summer semester of 2023. The modules enable all members of the university to further their education in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills to an extent of their own choosing and at no additional cost.

The offer is aimed at all members of the university, especially students as well as young scientists who want to turn innovative business ideas into a start-up or spin-off, are interested in innovation management and transfer strategies and want to learn how to apply their own skills to new fields.

The module catalog divides basic courses, core areas and competencies, and practical modules. In the summer semester, “Entrepreneurship For Beginners I” is offered from the basic courses section and "Experience Design Thinking", "Entrepreneurial Management", “Dynamics in Entrepreneurship” and “Communication Concepts” modules are offered from the core and skills section.

Entrepreneurial Skills Certificate

The modules can be combined so that, after successfully completing 15 credit points (LP), they can lead to a certificate, which serves as proof of a comprehensive basic education in the field of entrepreneurship. For this purpose, certificate candidates take both basic courses, one core course and fill up their portfolio with courses from the competencies and the practice modules. 

Certificate candidates can choose from three focus areas that distinguish different aspects of entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship - Starting Your Own Business” is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs who do not want to work in research.  “Entrepreneurship - From Research” is suitable for founders who want to base their business on research work. “Intrapreneurship” is suitable for participants who do not want to start their own business but are interested in entrepreneurship.


The heiSKILLS Competence and Language Center is a university institution that offers versatile opportunities for the acquisition of teaching and learning competencies, professional know-how, foreign languages, additional qualifications and certificates. The transfer agency hei_INNOVATION provides services in the areas of knowledge and technology transfer and advises members of the university in questions of business formation.