Service and AdviceCoronavirus: FAQs about student affairs and teaching

1 March 2023

*Update* On 18 February 2023, the end of the lecture period for the 2022/2023 winter semester, the university also ended its last remaining recommendation to wear a mask in all its areas.

Degree-related activities

Extended regular course length

For all students enrolled in Baden-Württemberg in the summer semester 2020, winter semester 2020/21 and summer semester 2021, the individual regular course length will be extended by the appropriate number of semester.

For students enrolled in these semesters, the maximum length for receiving a student grant will then rise by the relevant number of semesters for all courses of study.

2022/2023 winter semester

Also in this semester, Heidelberg University offered as many lectures and classes on campus as possible and only continued with online teaching formats as a supplementary measure.

How can I reach contact persons at present to ask questions about the topic of my study course?

The university administration offers the full range of services.

The Service Portal is the first port of call for information and advisory services provided by the student administration staff and course advisers for German and international students.

You can reach us by phone from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4pm and on Fridays between 9am and 1pm on +49 6221 54-5454 and by email at studium@uni-heidelberg.de and during the personal consultation hours
Monday to Thursday, 10:00-16:00, and Friday, 10:00-14:00.


What is to be done if a university student develops typical Covid symptoms or tests positive?

*Update* Both the legal obligation to isolate and the 5-day mandatory mask in the case of testing positive have been revoked. However, it is still recommended that anyone testing positive and displaying the symptoms should, as far as possible, refrain from entering university premises and personally attending classes and events. There is no contact tracing on the part of the university. 

Lectures, seminars and internships

How will lectures, seminars and practicals take place?

Classes and events in the context of Student Affairs and Teaching generally take place on campus in the 2022/2023 winter semester with supplementary online formats. Please keep checking the websites in your study course or subjects, as well as the information in LSF.

Can international students come to Heidelberg University?

Heidelberg University is an international university and explicitly invites students from Europe and the world to enrol. They should, however, respect applicable travel regulations.

What can I do if my internship is not possible, although required by the examination regulations?

Should current circumstances still make it difficult to complete internships at home and abroad, it may be possible to submit proof of achievement in another format as long as this meets the substantive subject requirements. Please talk to your academic advisor and/or your examinations office about this.

I am a teacher and would like to hold an on-campus class. Do I have to note anything?

No, there are no longer any specific Covid arrangements at Heidelberg University. 

Does the minimum distance still have to be observed in on-campus classes?

No, a minimum distance no longer has to be observed.

Examination and course requirements

Will examinations be conducted on campus?

Yes, examinations are fundamentally conducted with personal presence. There is no longer a recommendation to wear a mask.

What are the rules for online examinations?

The State Higher Education Law has been amended to include rules for online examinations and the special requirements (§§ 32a, 32b LHG). BUT PLEASE NOTE: holding online examinations is only admissible if the respective examination regulations or another university statute provide for this:

  • Oral examinations may be conducted as video conferences. Care must be taken that the internet connection and equipment is stable and the candidate is given the opportunity to test the digital service in advance. Before registering, the students must be informed about the organisational conditions and the point in time by which it is possible to withdraw from the examination. Furthermore, there must be clear communication prior to the examination about when it will be discontinued in the event of a breakdown, and what the consequences then are (e.g. interruption of the examination, repetition of the oral exam). Recording the examination is not allowed. Ascertaining the candidate’s identity can take place by their showing a photo or student ID card at the start of the examination.
  • Online video examinations that are not conducted on university premises are subject to the proviso of voluntary status, i.e. a parallel opportunity for an in-person examination must be provided in order to allow students a choice.
  • Video-monitored written examinations are not advisable due to the strict organisational regulations laid down in the law. Compared to what are called “open book exams” (written exam papers with aids) they offer no advantage in terms of stopping cheating and it is not possible to provide appropriate legal, technical and staff implementation at present. Such open book exams can be organised in different ways, e.g. via Moodle.

How do I contact the examination offices?

The examination offices are available by phone or email during the usual office hours.

How can I submit exam papers and coursework?

Please submit all written exam and study assessment work to the respective examinations office or teaching staff.

What should be noted if students cannot arrive in time, or at all, for an on-campus examination for reasons connected with the pandemic?

If students cannot make it back from abroad for an on-campus examination, that must be examined individually in the light of the examination rules. Ideally, the dates and formats of examinations will be announced in good time to allow for compliance with entry and quarantine regulations.

What should I do if I suddenly have symptoms of Covid-19 on the day of the examination?

*Update* Since there is no longer an obligation to isolate if you fall ill with Covid, you can in principle take part in the examination. In the case of strong symptoms, as with other illnesses, you can immediately declare your withdrawal from the examination to the examiner/examinations board. You must then present a doctor’s certificate without further ado. The Examination Board will decide on the basis of the evidence and circumstances of the individual case whether the withdrawal is granted.

What must I do if I suddenly feel ill during the examination?

You must immediately notify the examiner/Examination Board that you wish to withdraw from the examination. Then you must present a doctor’s certificate without delay. The Examination Board will decide on the basis of the evidence and circumstances of the individual case whether the withdrawal is granted.

Questions specific to teacher training

To answer all questions specific to teacher training, the Heidelberg School of Education (HSE) has set up a special page that contains all official information and is regularly updated. Please consult this website for updates on the information below.

Further information on this topic can also be found on the FAQ page of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Education.

Registration, deregistration and leave of absence

What registration deadlines apply for current semester?

Registration deadlines for the summer semester 2023 can be found on the Student Affairs websites under registration deadlines.

How can I register, deregister or apply for leave of absence?

Applications may be submitted in writing. Further information can be found on the study pages.

On its website the International Study Centre has posted up-to-date information about the DSH (German language exam for university access) and the admission exams for pre-programme studies.

How can I pay my re-enrolment or tuition fees?

Please transfer your fees (semester contribution, tuition fees) to re-enroll (continue your studies) to the bank account below.

Baden-Württembergische Bank, Stuttgart
IBAN: DE28 6005 0101 0004 9617 81
Reference: matriculation number, 23S, last name, first name (if you want to pay for the 2022 winter semester please enter 22W instead of 23S)

How and when can I get my student ID card and my Uni ID?

Your student ID card and Uni ID will be sent to you by post. In exceptional cases the Uni ID can be conveyed by other means that are legally safe. Approach the student administration about that.

Where can I validate my student ID card now?

The validation machines are accessible during regular opening hours. The validation machines in the building Seminarstraße 2 (Carolinum) are located on the ground floor, left in front of the service portal.

How can students currently obtain the clearance note (“certificate of discharge”) from the University Library to obtain their certificate of exmatriculation?

Clearance notes can again be obtained in the University Library (UB) in the regular way.  However, students can, if necessary, send their exmatriculation applications to the student administration without the UB’s certificate of discharge.  The student administration staff will then ask the UB directly for the clearance.

I have been officially deregistered, what must I do?

Please call the Infotelefon +49 6221 54-5454 to tell the Student Administration or International Office if you wish to continue your studies. 

Study abroad and ERASMUS

Is study abroad still possible as part of my degree course?

Current announcements on exchange programmes for the 2021/22 academic year are published on the website of the International Relations Division.

All students are urgently advised to follow the travel advice of the Federal Foreign Office. If you have doubts or inquiries please approach the coordinator of your exchange programme in the International Relations Division. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that, before their study abroad, all Heidelberg students register with ELEFAND (electronic list of Germans abroad), which is a precautionary list kept by the Federal Foreign Office for use in the event of a crisis.

What should I do if I have to terminate my Erasmus studies?

We need (by email) a certificate of attendance from the host university and a written statement, detailing why the Erasmus studies cannot be continued in a reasonable manner. The Erasmus scholarship will only be granted for the period of physical stay in the host country for study purposes.

Can I also continue the semester online from home?

If the host university offers this possibility, yes. The attendance certificate is evidence of the whole duration of your study period at the host university, if applicable including online periods. The Erasmus scholarship will only be granted for the period of physical stay in the host country for study purposes.