Additional Charges

Certain services provided by the University and its institutions are subject to additional charges. Services which require extra administrative processing, where deadlines for re-registration have been missed for example, may also result in additional charges.

Charges for Additional Administrative Processing

  • Fee for enrolment after the deadline for matriculation: 10 EUR 
  • Fee for re-registration after the deadline: 10 EUR 
  • Fee for late payment of the semester contribution: 10 EUR 
  • Charge for a replacement student identity card: 10 EUR 
  • Additional certification of enrolment/registration: 5 EUR 
  • Additional certification of exmatriculation: 5 EUR 
  • Second copy of an examination certificate or certificate confirming conferment of an academic title: 10 EUR 
  • Certificates for paid semester fees: 5-20 Euro

Fees for the University Library

As members of the University, students are not required to pay for use of the University Library, or its loan services. Some services, such as long-distance loans, may be subject to a charge. 

Courses Provided by the Central Student Advisory Office

The Central Student Advisory Office offers a comprehensive range of courses which may be of interest to students from all subject areas. Some courses are subject to a fee. Details of any course charges can be found in the relevant course description.

Language Centre

The Language Centre runs foreign language courses and speech training. These courses are subject to a fee.

University Sports

Students can participate in the majority of university sports free of charge. Members of staff and guest auditors must pay a fee to use the University’s sports facilities and services.