Semester Ticket for Public Transportation

Heidelberg University upholds an agreement with the local public transport provider in the Rhein-Neckar region (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar, VRN) to ensure that students have the right to purchase a semester ticket for public transportation. For a one-off payment of 180 EUR or 185 EUR (from February 2023), students of Heidelberg University are able to use all public transportation within the area served by the VRN for a period of six months.

Purchase of the Semester Ticket

All students of Heidelberg University are able to purchase a semester ticket for public transportation in the local area. The semester ticket is available for purchase from all customer centres of the regional public transport provider (VRN), and stations operated by the state rail provider “Deutsche Bahn” (DB) within the VRN area – without the Western Palatinate (with the exception of the Travel Centre in Kaiserslautern). Alternatively, tickets can be purchased quickly and easily online. There’s no need to register to use this service. If you do register however, you’ll be able to access your semester ticket for public transportation online and print a new version if it’s lost or stolen. The semester ticket can also be purchased and accessed via the VRN app for smartphones. 

Showing your Semester Ticket

The semester ticket for public transportation cannot be used by anyone other than the owner. Whether you have a digital ticket on your smartphone or a printed version, the semester ticket is only valid when shown in combination with the student identity card of the owner (new students who do not yet have a student ID should show a certificate of enrolment and their state identity card). 

Conditions of Purchase

Students may purchase a semester ticket online only if they have successfully enrolled, or re-registered at the University for the relevant semester. Students may purchase the semester ticket on the day following their enrolment or re-registration. The process of purchasing the semester ticket requires that students provide their student number. This number will be verified. Purchase of the ticket can be completed only after successful verification of the student number. 


The semester ticket for students of Heidelberg University for travel within the region served by the VRN is 180 EUR (last updated: January 2023) or 185 EUR (from February 2023).The ticket is valid within the entire region served by the VRN, with the exception of the Western Palinate. The ticket is valid on all buses, trams and trains). 


The city of Heidelberg has a special welcome present for first semester students of undergraduate degree programmes of the university: From the summer semester 2020 onward, the city will reimburse them once for the semester ticket of the “Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar GmbH” (VRN).