Filling out the documents

Filling out the guest student documents may seem more complicated than it is. You can find everything you need to know about completing the registration formalities quickly here.

Initial registration

Please complete both forms, registration as a guest auditor and the guest auditor's licence, in full. On the back of the registration form, please enter the name of the lectures, the subject, the faculty, the name of the lecturer and the number of semester hours per week.

Please always indicate all the courses you wish to attend. The current course catalogue can be found on the Internet at:


Are you already registered as a guest student?

If you are already registered as a guest student, your registration is simplified. You only need to enter your first name, surname and registration number on the registration form. You will find the registration number on your old guest student card. If there is no number on it, please call us - we will be happy to give you the registration number over the phone. The reverse side of the registration form must be filled in in any case.

Information on course selection

Please note that as a guest student you may only attend lectures (provided there is sufficient capacity), but not seminars and practical courses.

Guest auditors are not admitted to examinations. Credits earned in guest auditor studies are not recognised in a degree programme. You will not receive a student ID card (campus card).

As a rule, guest auditors cannot take subjects that have an admission restriction.