Registration / Before ArrivalPreparing your stay

In order to apply for a semester/academic year as an exchange student at Heidelberg University, please contact the IRO of your home university for information on the application process. If you have been selected for the exchange programme, your home university will nominate you.

Nomination Deadlines

  • Fall/Winter Term: May 15th
  • Spring/Summer Term: November 15th

Necessary Documents

After your nomination you will receive information on the online registration process at Heidelberg University via E-Mail. Please prepare the following documents to upload onto the registration platform:

  • transcript of records
  • digital passport picture
  • invitation letter of academic supervisor at Heidelberg University (PhD candidates only)
  • certificate of exmatriculation (if you studied at a German university before)

Application Deadlines

  • Fall/Winter Term: June 15th            
  • Spring/Summer Term: December 15th

After your application has been processed, you will receive an electronic version of your Zulassungsbescheid (letter of admission), which you must bring with you when you come to Heidelberg. This letter is proof of your admission to Heidelberg University and you will need to show it on many occasions, such as during registration and when applying for a residence permit.