Student Residences

Student residences at Heidelberg University are administered by the Studierendenwerk, an independent organization providing various services to the student population. Although the number of available rooms is quite limited (only 15 per cent of all Heidelberg students can be housed in student residences), the International Relations Office cooperates with the Studierendenwerk to secure rooms in student residences for international exchange students coming to Heidelberg.

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The Studierendenwerk maintains a large variety of student residences. Students usually stay in single rooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom in groups of 2 – 4, or in dormitories with kitchens and bathrooms on each floor. There are also a small number of single apartments available. The residences are located in different parts of the city, very close to public transport. Shopping areas are usually nearby. More detailed information about the Studierendenwerk student residences (including pictures of each residence) is available online (links)

Special Needs and Preferences

Students who have special housing needs due to a disability, allergy or other health problems should indicate this on the housing section of the registration platform in order to receive the appropriate housing. Students who intend to bring a laptop/notebook and wish to live in one of the rooms directly connected to the University Computing Center should also indicate this on the platform. Other room preferences can also be indicated; however, due to the limited housing availability, specific room preferences not arising from a disability or health concern cannot always be met.
Please note: Student residences in the Altstadt are not connected to the University Computing Center and therefore do not have direct internet connection. Internet connection can however be established independently via private phone companies.

Private Accomodation

Please note that private sector rents are considerably higher than rents in student residences (a minimum of € 400 - € 500 per month, plus a deposit of two to three months‘ rent). The housing market in Heidelberg is very scarce so we recommend you begin your search as early as possible. The Studierendenwerk also provides information on how to search for private accommodation in the region. The Studierendenwerk also provides information on how to search for private accommodation in the region. 

The ERASMUS Accommodation Service is a good platform to start your search. This service was designed for ERASMUS students or students of other exchange programs, who are looking for off-campus student housing in Heidelberg and its vicinity.