German citizensInternal university selection procedure

Formal applications must be made for subjects with a university-internal selection procedure. The applicants’ aptitude and motivation for the chosen degree programme and future career is a crucial factor in the selection procedure.

In concrete terms, this means that in addition to the average final grade as stated in the school leaving certificate, applicants’ grades in German, mathematics and one foreign language, as well as in subjects relevant to the chosen field of study are taken into account in the selection procedure. Furthermore, internships, extracurricular activities, and vocational training also play a role in selection. Interviews and aptitude tests may be conducted. It is at the subject’s own discretion to decide how the individual criteria are combined and weighted.

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Further information

The university allocates the number of available places in each degree programme in accordance with the criteria specified in the selection regulations/admission regulations. Please read the admission regulations of your desired degree programme carefully before applying online.

Features specific to certain degree programmes

Applications for the degree programme in Medical Informatics, BA 100% must be made to Heilbronn University. The degree programme cannot be selected via Heidelberg University’s application portals. Further information on the procedure can be found in our Online Course Finder. Select your subject there.

The application procedure for degree programmes in Sport Sciences are also subject to special conditions. Further information can be found in the Online Course Finder. Select your subject there.

Admission and Degree Programme Requirements

All degree programmes at Heidelberg University have specific admission and degree requirements. Depending on the specific nature of your university entrance qualification, there may be restrictions on the range of subjects you will be able to study. In addition to this, there may be subject-specific application and submission deadlines or mandatory aptitude tests. Applicants may also be required to submit additional, specific documents as part of the application procedure for certain degree programmes.