Enrolment for subjects that use the dialogue-oriented service procedure requires students to register at and apply to Heidelberg University.  

This procedure is user-friendly and transparent, and helps to speed up the allocation of available places in subjects that have local admission restrictions. The allocation of available places will be determined by the universities.   The selection criteria for admission to Heidelberg University for subjects that use the DoSV procedure are governed by the corresponding statutes for the university's own selection procedures.  

The application requirements for applicants who are citizens of European Union (EU) member states or of the European Economic Area (EEA) are essentially the same as those for German citizens. These requirements also apply for applicants with a German university entrance qualification/Abitur or from a German international school (so-called “Bildungsinländer”).  
As the information on the procedure for international applicants with a German university entrance qualification or for EU/EEA citizens may differ slightly, it will be presented separately in the following. 

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Your path to enrolment starts by registering at At, you will be assigned an applicant ID and a BAN (Applicant Authentication Number). With these numbers, applicants can use the application portal of their chosen university or apply through 
The universities will be happy to provide you with information regarding degree programmes offered, content of the degree programmes, and application procedures. All information that is subsequently provided by the universities will always be collected in your personal account. As long as you have internet access, you can check the status of your application at any time. 

Your application will be entered into a joint database shared by the participating universities. Offers of admission from different universities will be sent to your personal account. This will allow you to clearly view the status of your applications and make a decision on an admission offer. 
This multi-phase procedure ensures that, should you accept an admission offer, your applications for admission to other universities will be withdrawn, allowing the resulting available places to be quickly allocated to other prospective students. This will help to prevent a situation where, at the beginning of the semester, places remain unfilled, even though there are still applicants for these spots. 


After registering at, you must apply to Heidelberg University. 

Heidelberg University has included the following degree programmes in the dialogue-oriented service procedure: 

  • Biosciences B.Sc. 100% 
  • Biochemistry B.Sc. 100% 
  • Geography B.Sc. 100%
  • Interprofessional Healthcare B.Sc. 100% 
  • Molecular Biotechnology B.Sc. 100% 
  • Psychology B.Sc. 100% 
  • Law State Examination 
  • Sociology B.A. 100% 

Further Information

The university allocates the number of available places in each degree programme in accordance with the criteria specified in the selection and admission regulations.  
Please read the admission regulations of your desired degree programme carefully before applying online. 


Applicants for any degree programme (Bachelor degree or state examination) at Heidelberg University must hold a university entrance qualification and have very good German language skills. Additional qualifications may be required for certain subjects. Further information on the requirements in the respective courses can be found in the subject’s respective selection and admission regulations.