University places for subjects to which admission is restricted beyond the first semester can be offered only if their is sufficient free capacity in the desired subject. 

In order to apply for a transfer, international applicants must submit an application to Heidelberg University by 15 January for the following summer semester and by 15 July for the following winter semester.

Certificate of Transferable Grades

In order to apply for a transfer to an advanced academic semester, students must have written confirmation that any credits previously gained will be recognised. Students may submit a request for the transfer of credits, as well as confirmation of their suitability to enter a course in an advanced semester, at the examination office responsible for the relevant subject (central state examination office or examination office of Heidelberg University).

Application for transfer

An application for transfer can be made using the relevant online application. Please note that transfer to subjects which follow the so-called “academic year model”, is possible only in the winter semester for those looking to transfer into an “uneven” academic semester (third semester, fifth semester, etc.), or in the summer semester for those looking to transfer into an “even” academic semester (second semester, fourth semester, etc.).

Application for the first semester or an advanced semester

If you are submitting an application for transfer to a subject with admission restrictions in a higher academic semester, you may also submit a parallel application for admission to the first academic semester in the same subject. Please note that the “academic year model” may also apply in such cases. Because the application procedure for admission to the first academic semester can vary from subject to subject,  please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the exact nature of the application process for your desired subject.