German citizensTransfer: Subjects with admission restrictions beyond the first semester

Applicants must submit a formal application for subjects with admission restrictions in higher academic semesters. Applications must be made directly to Heidelberg University.

In order to apply for transfer to an advanced academic semester, students must have written confirmation from the respective examination office that any credits previously gained will be recognised. If credits have previously been gained in another subject, gained in the same subject at a university outside of the EU, or gained in a related subject at a German university or a university within the EU, students may file a request for the transfer of credits at the examination office responsible for the relevant subject (central state examination office or examination office of Heidelberg University).

In order to apply for a transfer, international applicants must submit an application to Heidelberg University by 15 January for the following summer semester or by 15 July for the following winter semester. 


The application for transfer must be submitted along with a certificate of transferable credits. For applications made for the following winter semester, the certificate of transferable credits must be submitted by 15 August, for an application for the following summer semester, the certificate of transferable credits must be provided by 15 February. If the document of recognition is not provided, applicants may not be granted a transfer.


In the case of recognition of credits in the context of transfers, you can apply simultaneously for a university place in the first academic semester as well as for a university place in the academic semester for which the certificate of transferable grades was issued. For applications for admission to the first academic semester, please submit an online application. In addition, please also apply for a university place in a higher academic semester via the online transfer application portal. If you are submitting simultaneous applications for admission to the first academic semester and admission to a higher semester, please ensure that both completed applications are submitted to Heidelberg University before the application deadline.