All students who are or were enrolled at a university in another EU member state and would like to continue in a degree programme with the same name at Heidelberg University in a higher academic semester can apply for admission as a transfer student.

University places in subjects to which admission is restricted after the first semester can be offered only if their is sufficient free capacity in the desired subject.

Application for change of university

In order to apply for a transfer, international applicants must submit an application to Heidelberg University by 15 January for the following summer semester and by 15 July for the following winter semester. The application periods constitute a statutory cut-off period. An application for a change of university can be made online. The pdf file generated at the end of the online application procedure must be sent by post to Heidelberg University with all necessary documentation before the application deadline. Please note that changing university when enrolled in subjects which follow the so-called “academic year model” in the winter semester is only possible in “uneven” academic semesters (3rd, 5th,...) or in “even” academic semesters (2nd, 4th,...). in the summer semester.
It is strongly recommended that applicants who would like to change their university contact the respective academic advisory service at Heidelberg University regarding the curriculum, required course assessments and offered courses prior to submitting an application. 
Admission in the context of a change of university within Germany can only be granted for the next higher academic semester.

Certificate of Transferable Grades

In the case of an intended change of university from abroad, the application must generally include a notice stating recognition of credits as well as a ranking for higher academic semesters. Students may submit a request for recognition of credits to the examination office responsible for the respective subject (central state examination office or examination office of Heidelberg University).